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Vocal coach Peter Knapp

Peter Knapp’s teaching is based on a profound understanding of the physical processes involved in breathing, creating sound and supporting that sound right through every sung, played or spoken phrase.


Having used physical disciplines such as Alexander Technique and gym work throughout his career, he now finds that yoga is the most effective practice to deepen the breathing and achieve the necessary coordinated muscle use to perform.

(Read more information on YOGA here)

His musical understanding is based on a long career working at the highest level of musical interpretation, which has involved rehearsing with many distinguished conductors and coaches and performing a wide range of repertoire from the baroque to the contemporary, including jazz and musical theatre.


As a conductor himself he can offer invaluable help to singers as they approach working with orchestras.  His background in English literature and knowledge of other languages means that he is able to give in-depth guidance in the interpretation and articulation of text, and his long experience of standing on many different stages enables him to suggest ways of communicating thoughts and feelings to an audience with greater confidence and greater dynamic effect.

Coaching an actor on the interpretation of a Shakespeare speech
Coaching a singer on a Rossini aria
“Anyone wishing to improve their presentation skills and general level of confidence should attend one of Peter Knapp’s workshops. Brilliant!”

Workshop with the finance company Aspect Capital

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