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Voice Coach, Yoga Teacher, Singer, Conductor

Peter Knapp
Having enjoyed a career working at the highest professional level, Peter Knapp now brings his extensive skills and experience to his training and supporting of both present and future generations of performers.

Group or one-to-one coaching, in person or online.
  • Deepen your breathing and increase your body’s natural resonance and therefore the impact you make with your voice

  • Tone and develop the key muscles needed to maintain good posture and consistent support for your voice

  • Release unwanted tension, awaken better flexibility and improve your stamina

  • Boost your confidence, intensify your focus and reduce performance anxiety


If you are a singer, actor, instrumentalist, presenter or teacher, Peter Knapp’s unique approach will give you the techniques and understanding necessary to realise  your true potential.

Peter Knapp
english national opera
Sydney Opera House
Edinburgh International Festival
Berliner Philharmoniker
Royal Albert Hall
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